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Domaine Grange Brûlée

The Presqu'ile d'Ambes is a very old terroir of Bordeaux, developed since the 17th century, then covered with Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc.
It is a clayey-silty soil bordering the two rivers which surround it, the Garonne and the Dordogne. On a strip of five hundred meters, along the rivers, the land has great qualities for growing vines. The drainage networks and ditches, near the large arms of the sea that are the two rivers at this point, allow good water and thermal regulation. Domaine Grange Brulée is made up of twenty hectares of vines and ten hectares of meadows. The classic Bordeaux grape varieties are present there: merlot, cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon. We reintroduced the renowned Petit Verdot grape in 1998 on one hectare. It does wonderfully on the silty clays of the Domaine. Two hectares were added to the vineyard in 2014. The total grassing of the vineyard helps the plant to take root more deeply, to avoid too much vigor in spring and to regulate water stress during hot periods (more and more hot! ) of the summer. A few old plots, covered with non-cloned Cabernet Franc grape varieties, are still cultivated on the Domaine. They are the memory of several centuries of mass selection. The fifty to eighty-year-old vines give our wines a texture of great finesse.
Short pruning is preferred for plots dedicated to our great vintages, pruning spur or short guyot. The grapes are more concentrated there.
All the necessary care is taken to the vines throughout the production cycle: disbudding, leaf stripping, trimming to prepare the grapes for the best ripening. Our job is to support the vines in finding the right balance between grape production, plant vigor, defenses against disease, optimal maturity.

Domaine Grange brûlée
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