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The cellar

The cellar is very old, built in the 17th century, made of large traditional Gironde stones which allow natural thermoregulation, it bears witness to the ancient history of Domaine Grange Brûlée.

At the beginning of the 18th century, the estate of fifty to one hundred hectares, used this cellar divided into two parts: an upper part equipped with wine-making vats in wood then in cement and another lower part, filled with oak barrels for the aging and transport of wines.

We kept the structure of the building and renovated the existing cement tanks, now equipped with a thermoregulation system. These vats are excellent tools for favoring the gentle and long extraction of the grapes during fermentation. For the same reasons, the choice of raw cement was made for the new tanks installed. A few stainless steel vats are used for blending the wines and preparing for bottling. The aging in oak barrels remains the majority for all our great vintages, the natural structure of our wines is harmoniously combined with the tannins of the oak wood.
For the White, we have chosen terracotta amphorae for an aging respectful of the fruit, they also allow long aging on fine lees in complete safety.

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