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presqu'île Bordeaux

Domaine Grange Brûlée

The known origin of Domaine Grange Brulee dates back to 1750. It belonged to several great families from Bordeaux and the South-West, like many renowned properties on the Ambes peninsula, then Bordeaux wine storehouse. The wines were sought after for their richness and their strong structure, allowing a long and beneficial conservation. After the phylloxera episode in Bordeaux, around 1860, the vineyard was sold in several small estates to neighboring owners. Léo Mondion, owner at the time, gave his name to the village, then ceded the first plot of vines and cellars to our ancestor Octavien Landeau, cooper established on the Estate.


Octavien Landeau

In the 17th century, in St Vincent de Paul as in the whole peninsula, the vine reigns supreme and the two rivers see the incessant coming and going of barges (small sailing boat) carrying barrels of wine to the port of Bordeaux. Octavien founded the Octavien Landeau cooperage in St Vincent de Paul. It supplies the barrels needed to ship the wines produced in neighboring estates. From 1890, his son Léon Octavien Landeau saw the wine trade decline, in particular wines housed in barrels. The wines are bottled by the large estates and the large trading houses which buy the property wines in bulk. It is also the disastrous period of the diseases of the vine: phylloxera, mildew, powdery mildew and the re-composition of the vineyards with large production grape varieties. The vineyard and the know-how are in danger, several properties give up cultivation. Orders for barrels are becoming rarer. This is the moment that Léon Octavien chose to invest in several plots of vines and a cellar at Domaine Grange Brûlée.

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